To contribute to human welfare by application of minimal invasive devices to restore health, and extend life. Guarantee patient- and customer support on highest level.

The company’s unique, and exclusive market position as distributor on the one hand and procurement and logistic consulter on the other hand gives our clients a broad portfolio of opportunities.


Quanton AG is exclusive Distributor in Switzerland and Quanton Medical GmbH in Austria for several medical device companies. Quanton is specialized to offer individual solutions for our customers.


Quanton offers calibration gas mixtures in limitless combinations of various chemical components, from binary to multicomponents blends and concentrations ranging from % to parts per million (ppm, ppb, ppt).


Quanton Medical Pharma is a specialized pharmaceutical wholesaler. We are in cooperation with a specialized logistic partner for pharmaceuticals to serve our customer needs and fulfill regulatory requirements.

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Quanton Medical GmbH