Interventional Cardiology and Peripheral Products

Quanton offers a broad portfolio of solutions within interventional cardiology,  interventional radiology, neuroradiology, orthopedics, diagnostic systems, endo-surgery and sutures.

This means productwise, Drug Eluting Stents, Drug Eluting Ballons, PTCA and PTA Ballons, aspiration catheters and inflation devices.

We are offering non-invasive diagnostic solutions based on whole body bioimpedance systems. This systems are based on non-invasive assessment and monitoring of cardiovascular, respiratory, and fluid parameters.

The scope of application starts at heart failure, hypertension, myocardial infarction, monitoring of ICU and CCU patients, pacemaker, ICD and leads to cardiac synchronisation devices.
This will help physicians to improve patients outcome and also reduce costs.

Obtained regulatory approvals:

  • US FDA 510(k)
  • European CE Mark
  • Canadian MDL
  • Japanese PMDA (Shonin)

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